CCL 4 Results | CCL 2014 Match Results

See Celebrity Cricket League 2014 (CCL 4) match results with details for each match played in tournament. See match Results with complete summary and links to the highlights and complete scorecards of the each match held in CCL 4 tournament.

CCL 4 Day 1 Matches | CCL 2014 Match Results

CCL 4 tournament started with the opening match between Mumbai Heroes and Chennai Rhinos. In the opening day of the CCL 4 there were two matches played at Mumbai. 2nd match was played between Veer Marathi and Bhojpuri Dabanggs. An exciting opening day went into the favor of Chennai Rhinos and Bhojpuri Dabanggs who won their opening matches on January 25, 2014.

CCL 2014 Match 1 Result| Mumbai Heroes vs Chennai Rhinos Result

  • Mumbai Heroes: 164/5(20 Overs)
  • Chennai Rhinos: 167/4(19.5 Overs)
  • Result: Chennai Rhinos won by 7 wickets

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CCL 2014 Match 2 Result| Veer Marathi vs Bhojpuri Dabanggs Result

  • Bhojpuri Dabanggs: 230/3(20 Overs)
  • Veer Marathi: 151/7(20 Overs)
  • Result: Bhojpuri Dabanggs won by 80 runs

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CCL 4 Day 2 Matches | CCL 2014 Match Results

On the 2nd day of the CCL 2014 Tournament two matches were complete. The 2nd day of the tournament was rich of thrilling matches. Kerala Strikers and Karnataka bulldozers remained to be the dominating sides on the 2nd day of the match that completed all teams 1 match quota. The 3rd ODI and opening match of the 2nd day was played between Kerala Strikers and Telugu Warriors in which Kerala Strikers defeated Telugu Warriors by 4 wickets. In the 2nd match of the 2nd day Karnataka Bulldozers charged over Bengal Tigers and a dominating play by the defending champions blessed them a marginal victory by 113 runs over Bengal Tigers.

CCL 2014 Match 3 Result| Kerala Strikers vs Telugu Warriors Result

  • Telugu Warriors: 142/6(20 Overs)
  • Kerala Strikers: 143/6(20 Overs)
  • Result: Kerala Strikers won by 4 wickets

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CCL 2014 Match 4 Result| Karnataka Bulldozers vs Bengal Tigers Result

  • Karnataka Bulldozers: 230/3(20 Overs)
  • Bengal Tigers: 117/9(20 Overs)
  • Result: Karnataka Bulldozers won by 113 runs

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CCL 2014 Match 5 Result| Mumbai Heroes vs Telugu Warriors Result

  • Toss: Telugu Warriors,who chose to field
  • Mumbai Heroes: 127/8(20 Ov)
  • Telugu Warriors: 130/4(18 Ov)
  • Result: Telugu Warriors won by 6 wickets

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