CCL 2013 Semi Finals Schedule | Teams

[fancy_images] [image title="Keral Strikers | Semifinalist 1" alt="Keral Strikers | Semifinalist 1" caption="Keral Strikers | Semifinalist 1"][/image] [image title="Telugu Warriors | Semifinalist 2" alt="Telugu Warriors | Semifinalist 2" caption="Telugu Warriors | Semifinalist 2"][/image] [image title="Veer Marathi | Semifinalist 3" alt="Veer Marathi | Semifinalist 3" caption="Veer Marathi | Semifinalist 3"][/image] [image title="Karnataka Bulldozers | Semifinalist 4" alt="Karnataka Bulldozers | Semifinalist 4" caption="Karnataka Bulldozers | Semifinalist 4"][/image] [/fancy_images]

CCL 2013 Semifinal qualifying team

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  • Kerala Strikers
  • Telugu Warriors
  • Veer Marathi
  • Karnataka Bulldozers

CCL 2013 | CCL 3 Semi Finals Schedule

1st Semi Final
Saturday March 9, 2013 Kerala Strikers vs Karnataka Bulldozers 15:00 Hyderabad
2nd Semi Final
Saturday March 9, 2013 Telugu Warriors vs Veer Marathi 19:00 Hyderabad

CCL 2013 Semi Finals

Finally, the top four teams of CCL 2013 have been decided on the bases of the performances all the teams demonstrated in CCL 2013. The second phase of the celebrity Cricket League is going to be started each team has a single match to get into the grand finale of CCL 2013. 2 semifinals have to be played on March 9, 2013. The winners of both matches will fight for the title of champions of CCL 2013. The fight of being superior has to be started where each team will play to defend their honor they have earned in the group stages of the tournament via kicking of the 4 teams out of the contest.

First Semifinal match will be played between Kerala Strikers and the Karnataka Bulldozers.   In the group stage matches in accordance with the points table of CCL 2013 Kerala Strikers is present on the top spot in the CCL 2013 with six points while Karnataka Bulldozers with 5 points retains the 4th spot.

2nd Semifinal match is to be played between Telugu Warriors and Veer Marathi as both teams are emerged to be highly competent and skilled in CCL 3 and retain 2nd and 3rd positions in the points table of CCL 3.  

So, 4 best teams out of 8 contestants of CCL 2013 will play for getting into the semifinals. The most vital and crucial phase of CCL 2013, the semifinals that are ultimately the big games of CCL 3.

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