IPL 2013 | Chris Gayle 175 runs in 66 balls Review & Highlights | Chris Gayle Played Record Breaking innings of 175 runs

Chris Gayle 175 runs innings in 66 balls demolished Pune Warriors, and a record breaking innings resulted in 66 balls. Chris Gayle the master of entertainers played magical innings to prove what sort of character he is in the T20 cricket. Smashing, cracking, crushing, and thrilling are the words that may not appropriately describe the drama, a night before explored by Chris Gayle. A tremendous innings that could not be explained in words as many record set away by the storm came from the bat Chris Gayle.  Numerous records including highest individual score in a T20 innings, Most Boundaries, Most Sixes, and Fastest Century are some key records set in a single innings of Gayle.

After breaking records of fastest T20 century, most individual score in T20 and the most Sixes in a single innings, it was Chris Gayle who said “Words Cannot Explain How I Feel”. A giant innings, by a giant player who made his team lead in the points table via having a massive win by 130 runs over Pune Warriors. A distinguished, thrilling, exhilarating and terrifying innings for the PW played by Gayle that not only amazed and entertained home cowed but also made other team scary, as his form has been reached at the heights from where all legends may seem little. Gayle has proven himself to be dominating character in the T20 cricket, and that is an alarming situation for all contestants of the IPL 2013, as when he opens his bat opposition seems to be nowhere in the match.
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Playing big shots, highest runs innings and entertaining his fans is not only the fact that he is the best but there is something else that should be an eye opening factor that is Chris Gayle stays at wicket as he played such cracking innings and remained undefeated. Chris Gayle does not play fuzzy shots; he plays with his potential and power and still keeps eye on the bowler approach. He has the ability even to his for six, the good ball, but he remains opened eyes and play on the merit of the ball.

Last night in the 31st match of the IPL, a history has been made, and an innings has been revealed that will be remembered for ages. Winning the toss and putting Gayle & company in the bat proven to be a nightmare for the Pune Warriors India, and Gayle made such horrible things to Pune Warriors with opened eyes. Watch mighty innings played by mighty batsman Chris Gayle in high quality video. For Comprehensive review of Chris Gayle 175* runs innings and highlights Visit Gayle 175* runs Highlights

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